Affordable Car Key Replacement

Affordable auto key replacement is an option when you lose your car keys. A lot of people wrongly assume they need to go to a dealer when they lose their car keys. Going to the dealer is certainly an option, but it’s the more expensive option. Any local Boston locksmith can get you an affordable auto key replacement at a much lower rate than a dealer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a laser cut key or a replacement key fob. Car key replacement is always more affordable and often times faster when you go with a local locksmith.  


Affordable Laser Cut Key Replacement


Laser cut keys are more common for post 1990’s upscale car models. Instead of having notches cut from the sides, laser cut Affordable Car Key Replacementkeys have a winding central groove cut at a constant depth right up the center. Aside from looks, laser cut keys add a layer of security for vehicles that use them. To replicate such keys the only option is to go to a dealership or use a locksmith that has the proper equipment to make one. The precision of the laser cut keys make the locks much more difficult to pick. If you’re looking for affordable auto key replacement for a laser cut key, first try a locally trusted Boston locksmith before going to a dealer. Your wallet will thank you for it.

Affordable Replacement Key Fob


Replacement of a lost or damaged key fob can be affordably acquired at a local locksmith. Just like any lost key, you could go to the dealer, You’ll spend more money and probably more time. When you’re looking for affordable auto key replacement in the realm of key fobs you have a couple options. If you’re a do it yourselfer you can find the key fob online and order it. From there you can take it to a locksmith and they can set it up to work with your vehicle. If you’d rather not get involved with searching for particular parts online, most locksmiths will carry the key fob you need. Just call before you head over and make sure they have what you need.


When it comes to affordable car key replacement the best choice is always a trusted local Boston locksmith. Give us a call today and we’d be happy to answer any of your question. If you need a car key replacement you can come in, or if you need us to come to you, we will. 617-569-9999