Have you ever lost your keys? It has happened to me a couple of times in the past, and it was not funny. One time, I searched through all my belongings, silently wishing that my keys had a ringing tone and a number I could call so it would lead me to itself. Thankfully I found that particular key.


But have you ever lost your car keys? What did you do when you found out you had misplaced them?


Many years ago it would have been easy to get a replacement car key made – a quick trip to the local hardware store was all it took. Car keys were basic in their construction which made them cheap and easy to copy. However, this simplicity made it easy for criminals to copy car keys and steal cars. In 2017, the wisest choice, is to contact a Boston Locksmith.


Now car keys are made using advanced technology, which makes them harder to copy. Although this means that cars are harder to steal than ever before, it also means that auto key replacement is now very expensive. To make matters worse the more ‘high end’ your car, the higher your bill is likely to be.


Car Key Replacement Costs


Today’s car keys consist of the main key, and an electronic key fob. The cost of replacing an electronic fob could be as much as $100 if purchased through a dealership. Some dealerships will also charge for the labor involved in programming your new fob.