Duplicate Keys

If you find yourself in need of an additional key to your vehicle, we are able to assist you. At a much lower cost than the dealer and quicker service we can make this process easier for you. Give us a call and ask for a quote. Our price will not change when you arrive and it will take us 20-30 minutes for you to have a new key for your vehicle.

Ignition Lock Repair

If your ignition stops working we will travel to your vehicle and repair the issue at your location. Ignition issues are common but they can be resolved

Key Shell Replacement

If the shell to your Lexus or Honda remote key has broken we can cut a new shell that will not break. This is a very common occurrence but it is a quick fix.

Laser Cut Keys

Certain vehicles have a special cut that is inside the metal of the key. This type of key is common among Honda, Lexus, Acura and newer Fords. We have the latest machines to cut these keys

Smart Keys

We are able to make keys for push to start and twist to start vehicles. We stock a variety of these keys and are able to program keys to the newest vehicles.