You’ve locked your keys in your car. It happens all the time, to a lot of people. It’s frustrating
and inconvenient, especially when you can see your keys just on the other side of the door.
Maybe you were in a hurry and accidentally left the keys in the ignition, or maybe they fell out
of your coat pocket. Now you have two options. Break into your car, or call a Boston Locksmith.
Always go with the professional vehicle key maker, aka, a trusted Boston Locksmith. Lost car
keys can be replaced easily. Broken windows and damaged locks are expensive. There are a few
more reasons you should always call a locksmith rather than breaking into your car.

Avoid Hurting Yourself

You might think it’s easy to open your door with a screwdriver, crowbar, or coat hanger. You’ve
seen it done a million times on TV, how hard could it be? It’s not as simple as it looks. All of the
tools people use can end up hurting you if not used correctly. You don’t want an injury in
addition to being locked out of your vehicle.
You Might Damage Your Vehicle
Your vehicle is designed to be theft-proof, which is why it's difficult to break into. If you try to
break into it you risk scratching paint, damaging window seals, breaking windows, busting the
door handle, and ruining the locks. The costs of damaging your car are going to be much costlier
than just calling a professional that can get you back on the road in a matter of minutes.

Somebody Might Mistake You as a Thief

Chances have you locked your keys in your car in a public place. Imagine you have your coat
hanger out and are trying to pop your lock, and a passerby sees you. Next thing you know two
squad cars roll up. You just went from a frustrated car owner to potential thief. They'll ask you to
prove the vehicle is yours but of course, all the paperwork is locked in the car in the glove box. A
better solution? Call a trusted Boston Locksmith.

Put our number in your emergency number list in case you’re ever in a situation like this. We’ll
get you back in your car fast and for an affordable price. (617) 569-9999