There was a time when the mechanics of a car key is hardly different from that of a house. Back then, if you noticed that you have lost your car key or maybe damaged it, getting replacement car keys cost next to nothing. Now, depending on the manufacturer, car key replacement may cost around $200 to $1,000.

If this is shocking to you, wait till you finish reading this. We wrote this car key blog to explain exactly why there is a rise in cost of replace car keys as well as replacement key fob.

Factors Involved

When thinking of replacing your lost car keys, you must understand that a lot of things come into play here. First you must consider the kind of car you use, its model and the year of manufacture. These are just the basics.

To take this further, the key itself would play a key role. Nowadays, car keys are not just mechanical parts meant to turn on the ignition. We now have electronic components that may include anything from a simple transponder chip to something way more complex. Obviously, the key fob’s complexity will play a role in the price of your car key replacement.

Smart key replacement would understandably cost more. Depending on the level of functionality, prices may vary widely, but all these still have to do with the key itself.

Costs of Parts

Since car keys are now a combination of electronic and mechanical devices, there are a lot of parts that can be replaced. Sometimes, the issue has nothing to do with lost car keys. Sometimes, the problem may have to do with the key fob.

In such case, replacement car keys wouldn’t be necessary. All you need is a replacement key fob, or just some tiny parts of it, depending on the damage. Now, the fob in itself can turn out to be expensive, but that depends on its make and function. Even with that, there are still other factors to consider.

Equipment Used

Another key factor is the equipment used in cutting the key. Key-cutting machines are not cheap. Naturally, this would have an impact on the price of the replacement car keys.

Labor Costs

After the various costs have been considered, manual labor and professional expertise have to be compensated. Getting replacement car keys is not just about the physical key-cutting. The electronic circuitry in the fob has to be properly programmed as well. Without the expertise, the result would be less than satisfactory. The whole process may take up to an hour, depending on how complex the car key replacement is.

Considering the cost of getting replacement car keys, one may feel discouraged. However, getting them in advance is a less stressful and more cost effective alternative. No one wants to be stranded just because they lost their car keys or damaged the key fob.

Even if nothing is damaged, the battery could run flat any time. In the long run, working with car key replacement experts is the most highly recommended option for your car use.