There’s never a good time to lose or break your car remote. Depending on where you’re at you might end up stranded in a bad spot. To make things worse the old days of easy car key replacement are gone – for the most part. It’s still easy if you call a trusted locksmith but the technology in has made it a little more challenging for car remote replacement. The bottom line is whether you need a Toyota car key replacement, a Nissan car key replacement, or any other make or model calling a reputable Boston locksmith will save you and get you back in your car and on the road.

Lost Car Remote  

Replacing your missing car remote is pretty easy if you call us. Our parts department keeps a large stock of car remote replacements ready to go. One of our customers recently lost his car keys at a baseball game. He wasn’t too upset considering the Red Sox won but he didn’t like being stranded at the stadium. He called us and we were there in no time. We came with a car remote replacement and keys and got him back on the road.

Car Key Replacement in Chelsea

We’re Boston Car Keys but we serve surrounding areas as well. If you need car key replacement in Chelsea or any other area in or around Boston gives us a ring. Remember – you don’t have to go to a dealer for a car key replacement. Even if it’s the latest year and a new model we can give you the same car key replacement for nearly half the price. We also come directly to you.

Next time you need a car remote replacement or any kind of car key replacement stop by our shop or give us a call. 617-569-999