Did you lose your keys or have they been damaged to the point that they no longer function? When you lose your keys and Affordable Car Key Replacementdon’t have a back up that’s when you need a reliable Boston car key provider. Toyota car key replacement, Nissan car key replacement, it doesn’t matter. We can help you with any make or model.  Avoid the dealer mark-ups and go with aftermarket key fob replacement. We can come directly to your location any time of the night or day.  


Aftermarket Key Fob Replacement


An aftermarket key fob replacement saves you time and money. You can certainly go to the dealer where you will spend time waiting and spend more money, but a better alternative is going to a trusted local Boston car key provider. We can quickly program the aftermarket key fob replacement to make your vehicle’s make and model and get you back on the road. You can either come directly to the shop or we’ll come to you.

Did key stick in the Lock?


A key that’s stuck in the lock is not a key you want to deal with. Most people try to remove the key and often times break the key or damage it in the process. Even when a professional removes a locked key there is a chance of damage to the lock or key. A professional locksmith technician is your best bet. They’re familiar with the latest technologies and key types for all makes and models. Next time your key is stuck give us a call. We’ll save you time and money and dramatically reduce the chances of damaging your lock or key.  


Broken Car Key?  


If your car key actually breaks you’re going to need to call for help. Do not try to shove it in the ignition and make it work. Not only will it not work, but it will jam up your ignition and make a quick fix a longer fix. Give us a call and we can get you back on the road within 30 minutes. 


Lost or Stolen Keys?


If your key is lost or stolen, then your chances of starting your vehicle become an official zero. Even if you have a spare stashed away somewhere you may not be able to easily access it. Time may be critical. The good news is if you call us we can get to you very quickly and get you back on the road and to your destination with little time lost.


All you have to do is tell us the make and model of your vehicle and we take care of the rest. It doesn’t matter if your car uses a key fob or any other non-tradition key technology. We’re prepared for any time of key you may have.  


If you need an aftermarket key fob replacement or any other type of car key replacement give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help. 617-569-9999