One of our readers, Gene C., asked us, “What do I do if my car key is lost and I’m in a remote and isolated area?”


Gene, do you know how to start a fire with sticks? In your hypothetical question, you’re going to be in big trouble unless you have a working cell phone. There are no tricks to start a modern Lost Car Keysvehicle in this scenario. We’re sorry. Modern car key replacement options are non-existent in nature. A modern car usually has a transponder or remote also known as a key fob. These are more like pieces of technology verses carved pieces of metal like car key replacements of old.


In the past, all you had to do to get your Honda key replacement was get a blank key cut and you’d be back on the road. Still, out in the boonies that would be a challenge… Modern remote/transponder keys can cost an arm and a leg. If you’ve broken your key, there are locksmiths that can repair them – like us – Boston Car Keys Inc. (617) 569-9999. However, a lost remote/transponder key will need to be replaced. The process requires cutting and re-programming. We can do that as well, or you can take it to a dealer…


Taking it to the dealer is a great option if you’re looking to spend more time and money on the process. Don’t do that. There is zero advantage to going to a dealer. If you want to be very proactive you can even order the key yourself and bring it into us. If you’re not an overachiever no worries. Just come into the shop or call us and chances are we’ll have exactly what you need. It’s kind of what we do.  


Let’s get back to Gene…


Gene, in your worst case hypothetical scenario, we would suggest that you try your best to secure your vehicle. Cover it with some twigs so Sasquatch doesn’t drive off with it. Let’s assume

Lost Car Keys

Car key lost in the sand on the beach

your cell phone works so this doesn’t turn into a “Naked and Afraid” episode. Walk around until you get a couple bars on your phone. Call for a flatbed wrecker and have your vehicle trucked back to your house. It’s going to cost a bit, but not as much as a new vehicle. As your sitting in the cab of the wrecker truck driving home take time to think of a good story as to how you lost your keys to minimize embarrassment.  Avoid putting the blame on Sasquatch. Once you’re home and safe call the most trusted car key replacement in Winthrop – Boston Car Keys. We serve the entire Boston area.


Boston Car Keys Inc. has mobile service, so we can come to you, Gene. Or anyone. If you can make it to the shop, fantastic. Don’t let car key replacement get you down. We get your keys replaced in no time and always at a fair and affordable price. Call Today! (617) 569-9999