What are smart keys? They are similar to smart phones and an advanced technology that makes your life easier. Smart keys are able to unlock the doors and start a vehicle by using microchips and sensors. They are part of a computerized system. In most cases the “key” is never inserted into the ignition, it’s activated in a wireless manner and often times they are shaped like plastic cards – not keys.  When smart keys are misplaced, there becomes a need for smart key duplication.


Once the vehicle owner is inside the car he simply pushes a button to start the car. There is no inserting and turning of any kind. The driver can keep the smart key in his pocket or anywhere in the vehicle. A computer inside the car recognizes the unique code that is transmitted by the smart key and verifies it before the engine starts.


Smart Key Cars


The use of smart keys in vehicles is becoming more and more common. ACURA, AUDI, BMW, BUICK, CADILLAC, CHEVY, FORD, HYUNDAI, INFINITI, LEXUS, LINCOLN, MERCEDES-BENZ, NISSAN, PORSCHE, TOYOTA, and VOLVO all have several vehicles that run off smart keys. The first smart keys hit the market as early as 2004. The technology although new to a lot of people is actually over a decade old, and is getting more sophisticated each year.


Smart Key Duplication


As with any vehicle you’re going to need to have a car key replacement. The process for smart key duplication is not as easy as traditional keys. You can’t simply take it to a hardware store and get a spare one cut. You’re going to need to find a Boston locksmith that has experience and the right equipment for a successful smart key duplication.  


Every car is different. Even if it’s the exact same make, model, and year, the smart key duplication process can change slightly. The locksmith uses a programming system along with your unique vehicle to make the duplicate.  Every make and model requires a different specialized knowledge to achieve a successful duplication. This specialized knowledge is why dealerships charge so much for smart key duplication.


Rather than taking your auto key replacement needs to a dealer where you will be  paying an inflated price. Try a trusted Boston locksmith, such as Boston Car Keys. Get your smart key duplication at an affordable rate.


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