Losing cars keys in the winter, or any time of the year is a nightmare. Lost car keys in the winter might even be worse because, well – it’s cold! Standing outside in the freezing cold locked out of your car is never on someone’s to-do list.  But, these things happen to the best of us. Don’t worry though. Having a trusted Boston locksmith on your favorites dial list can get you back into your car in no time. There are several scenarios that might unfold if you do happen to lose your keys.


I Lost My Keys Scenario One   


Scott leaves the gym after a late night workout on a freezing New England evening. It’s one of those super cold nights that almost burns, so he runs to his Acura and reaches in his pocket. No keys. He searches his other pocket. No keys. He runs back to the gym to see if somebody turned his keys in. No dice.  It’s late, he has an early work day tomorrow and there’s no friends or family that can come bail him out with spare keys. Where can he find an Acura key replacement for his car at this hour? A locksmith that provides 24-hour mobile service. Scott doesn’t know this but a guy who works out at the same gym tells him about a Boston locksmith who bailed him out of a similar situation. Scott makes the call and is home within the hour, frostbite avoided.  


I Lost My Car Keys Scenario Two


Sandy is leaving a friend’s house late one night after a dinner party.  It’s a typical New England night following a heavy snowstorm. Sandy gets to her vehicle and quickly discovers her keys are not with her. She runs inside to her friend’s place but there are no keys to be found.  Sandy can call her husband who is home with the kids but he can’t leave the kids alone and they’re already fast asleep. Her guess is she dropped the keys in the snow on the way to her friend’s door while she was juggling all the dishes she brought for the dinner party. Sandy is luck though. Her friend’s husband knows a guy. Who knows a guy. Who works for a trusted Boston Locksmith. He calls the guy and within minutes he arrives, opens Sandy’s car, and gets her a replacement key so she can go home.  


There are endless scenarios about losing your car keys. The key message is knowing that there’s an easy solution. Put Boston Car Keys Inc into your favorites on your phone, so the next time you lose your keys you’re not stranded in the cold. 617-569-9999